We believe in a participatory hands-on approach to all our assignments. This is why a Managing Partner of the firm will always be in control of the key functions of any given project. SOL sees teamwork on every project as the key success ingredient responsible for delivering unmatched Quality, Results and Integrity. The overall project manager or team leader is duty-bound in ensuring effective communication to all stakeholders and at all levels. Teams are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations.services2

To ensure Quality, Results and Integrity (QRI) in our assignments, we have identified and embraced four (4) basic principles to support our service delivery approach.


The 4 principles are as follows:

Focus – We engage our Client on proper planning; we clarify the scope and outputs before commencement of the assignment and put in place clear deliverables and detailed work plan that ensures the assignment is completed within the allocated time and resources.

Objectivity – We are impartial throughout the assignment; our conduct never reflects personal interests and we commit to maintain professional ethics throughout our assignments. We ensure transparency through involvement of key stakeholders in the audit exercise and ensure findings and recommendations are also discussed with key stakeholders.

Value – We produce quality work through putting in place a practical approach modelled around best practice, value addition, and use of qualified and experienced consultants. Our ultimate goal is to provide outputs that add value to the Client’s operations thereby accelerating attainment of set goals and objectives.

Confidentiality – We respect the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and therefore, not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority, unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose, nor use the information for the personal advantage of the professional accountant or third parties.


Being a multi-disciplinary PSP, SOL offers a wide range of professional services that are packaged under three business arms/pillars as outlined below.



Public Accountancy includes all services offered by SOL through its Partner (s) that are validly registered as practising Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (CPAK).


Business Advisory includes all services geared towards supporting business organizations especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to monitor their performance, sustain growth, and effectively manage inherent business


Project Management consulting includes all technical assistance sourced by individuals or organizations that initiate projects of varying value and magnitude under agreed consultancy framework. We offer


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