Project Management

pmProject Management consulting includes all technical assistance sourced by individuals or organizations that initiate projects of varying value and magnitude under agreed consultancy framework.

We offer the following services under this arm:

  • Project planning, implementation and control;
    • Overseeing development of residential and commercial properties as well as public benefit projects including community contribution schemes;
    • Advisory on suitable project financing arrangements including Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) design and approaches;
    • Development and writing of winning funding proposals for diverse project implementers/ partners (business entities and public benefit organizations-PBOs) working with strategic partners such as business investors, financial institutions (banks/MFIs), government agencies, and institutional donors;
  • Grants management planning, monitoring and evaluation;pm4
    • Resource tracking, devolved fiscal delegated resource management;
    • Review, negotiation, and administration of Agency and Assistance Agreements;
    • Regulatory compliance and observance of relevant management and fiduciary standards set by the Government and development sector funding agencies.
  • Project-based financial management consultancy services
  • Technical backstopping on project planning, monitoring and evaluation.

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